Love Comes First

Love Comes First

2021 - The Year Where Love Comes First

Written by Lipsa Das, with input from Nathalie  

2020 hasn’t really been fair, but it has definitely left us with a lot of valuable lessons. Cherishing our loved ones and spending as much time with them as possible is one of the most important takeaways from the year gone by, as we step into 2021. Even though the situation outside still isn’t as favorable as we would have wanted it to be, it’s time to act upon the lessons we’ve learnt from the unforgettable past year. This year is one where we make amends, learn to value our lives and commit to loving a lot better than we’ve always done.

Loving better doesn’t mean indulging in the most extravagant things – simple loving, caring acts are enough to show your partner that you care for them a lot more than can be put into words. Even a big bear hug works like magic at times!

Cooking up a meal and setting up a cozy indoor dinner date for your partner is a simple yet heartfelt gesture, too. You can cook up your partner’s favourite white sauce pasta and top the dinner with a bottle of wine! We’re sure your partner will be happy beyond words at this beautiful act of love. To make this lockdown date a lot more memorable, try gifting your partner a lovely keepsake!

If cooking isn’t your cup of tea, worry not! There are easier ways to keep that spark alive in your relationship! Cuddle with your partner and share with them that you want to get closer to them and for that you'd like to take the pulse on how they feel. Share your dreams, your desires, your fears, your concerns, and your wishes. Plan that special time together ahead of time so your partner has time to think about what their wishes are for 2021 or what their concerns are for 2021. We age together and we need to connect with whom we are becoming. 

The best part about love is that even the tiniest of gestures leave a mark in your loved one’s heart and mind. Don’t be surprised if you get a peck on your cheeks, just because you added extra chocolate chips to your sweetheart’s pancakes! Or even making a handmade card, expressing your love for the love of your life is the sweetest thing you could do. Add a note and pour your heart into it. Tell them how your life is a lot better simply because you are spending the rest of it with the person you love so much. It’s the effort to make your ‘someone special’ feel treasured that keeps the passion going!

There are a million ways of expressing your love without actually saying the words ‘I love you’. But saying these magical words every once in a while is like a cherry on the cake. No matter how many years you have spent together, your partner will still have butterflies in their tummy hearing you say those words over again!

Keeping the spark alive in any relationship isn’t an easy task, but it’s not impossible either! To make sure things are just as exciting as they were before, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to make your partner feel special and loved. Put in a little more effort, add a little glitter and a dash of love, and your relationship will be evergreen.

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