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Are you ready for more Love and Passion?

For a happy marriage

Lighting this candle is like waving the proverbial white flag. It signals that one of you wants to talk, or better, that one of you wants to get closer. Surrender to it! Take it as your cue to drop everything and turn your attention to your partner. It's full of promises. It can only bring you closer. 

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Our candle "Let me take care of you…" tonight, this morning, this afternoon, this weekend, all of next week (wouldn't that be something?) is perfumed with aphrodisiac aroma. You can chose from Vanilla, Karachi Blood Orange, or Parisian Jasmine. Let it cast a spell on you! 

It doesn’t have to be for a long period of time, it just needs to be intense, or at least focused on each other. I don't know about you, but I want that candle to burn OFTEN. 

Create a healthy living with your partner

Come on, how fun is it when our partner creates a special evening in front of the fireplace with wine, finger food, and our favorite music?  Or maybe your partner draws you a bubble bath after a hard day of work? Or maybe it's a walk on a romantic street followed by hot chocolate in a quaint cafe...your feet rubbing together under the table with stolen kisses over a steaming mug of deliciousness. Or maybe you have a drink together side by side.

Whatever it is, have fun tonight, and tomorrow, and the day after; let’s share our stories, let’s build the biggest resource for Love & Passion.


To share your moment, tell us:

  • What was the moment you shared?
  • Where was it?
  • What did you do?
  • What was special about it?
  • How long was it for? 
I bet a lot of your favorite moments were short and super sweet.  It doesn’t have to take a whole evening or a whole weekend.  It’s not about length of the moment, it’s about the quality of the moment.  


We will read all your stories!  If your burning-candle-moment went behind the "bedroom door" you can just mention that; we get the picture, no need to share the juicy details.

With all my heart, I whish you all more Love & Passion in your life, 


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